Allahabad, a city in state Uttar Pradesh India, is important tourist attraction place of tourist come here annually. History of Allahabad is very strong and the oldest cities in world. Our first prime minister (pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru) also belong this city. Md. Kaif former Indian cricketer, also belong the city Allahabad. Dhyan Chand famous Hockey player and Olympic gold medalist to city. Allahabad has several historical monuments, like Anand Bhawan, Tomb of Khusru, in Khusrubagh which was built, by Mughal emperor Amir Khusru. Allahabad also famous worldwide from Kumbh Mela, Allahabad Fort built by Mughal emperor Akbar. Are several other places of interest like Allahabad University, High Court Allahabad.